Ayesha Rajapakshe

  • Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (Class),
  • Diploma in English Language Teaching,
  • Certificate in Biological Sciences (University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand).

English Language

LKR 2000.00

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Greetings Everyone, I am a dual citizen of New Zealand and Sri Lanka. I was brought up in New Zealand from a very young age and hence I’m a native English speaker. I can teach in both English and Sinhala mediums.
Do you get stuck when you speak in English?
Do you lack the proper words, phrases, and expressions when it comes to spoken English?

I can help you out with Spoken English, New Vocabulary, Expressions, Grammar, Writing, Reading, and Listening. I can teach you new tips and tricks so that you can learn proper pronunciation with great ease.
I’ll have you speaking English like a native in no time!
So please join my English classes today! Kids, adults and teenagers; all are welcome! I look forward to seeing you! Please check out my YouTube channel to get a brief idea of my lessons! Ayesha Teacher.

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