About Us


OnlineTuition.lk is a one-on-one online educational platform that connects Sri Lankan and foreign students with tutors. The students are able to accrete knowledge of academic disciplines through one-on-one tuition classes held by professionals and scholars who are specialized in specific subject areas.

The tutors enrolled with OnlineTuition.lk are high achievers with exceptional track records in their academic careers. Most of the tutors are graduates and undergraduates from leading engineering, management, and medical universities in Sri Lanka. This diverse tutor panel consists of academic researchers in their specialized fields and integrates new teaching techniques when conducting online classes.


The teacher panel mainly follows and implements 5 strategies to improve your online e-learning course as a student-friendly experience. They are as follows,

1. Create a supportive learning environment

2. Using a mix of learning tools for better engagement with the students. (The virtual classroom is equipped with a visual meeting, screen sharing, multiuser whiteboard to draw together, send text and picture messages and share documents, etc.)

3. Collaborate with audio and visual tools.

This gives the sense of working with a mix of activities which increases student engagement with the tutor and other learners.

4. Provide ongoing feedback.

The tutor will provide feedback in order to promote and motivate the students to dive deep to acquire subject knowledge.

This may help the student to clearly identify their mistakes and skills needed to be improved.

5. Student-centered education (giving priority for the students)

The student can decide on the pace of the lessons and key subject areas to be addressed. The teachers will encourage the students to actively engage when teaching. The students will be encouraged to develop their problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

OnlineTuition.lk paves the way to create a positive and collaborative learning environment for students by allowing them to curate their own tutoring style. This is to facilitate a quality online tuition experience in order to gain knowledge in a timely way, going beyond the traditional educational experience.